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Theme of the third monographic of the Seventeenth Magazine: Interdisciplinary Investigation for the Sustainable Development Objectives

This edition´s academic editors: : Paloma Collado (IMIENS), Israel Cruz (ISCIII) and Rafael Vilasanjuan (ISGlobal)
Date for the reception of the articles: june 10th, 2020

Motivation for the monographic

Third number: Sustainable Development Objectives´ transversal contribution to Global Health

Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS) require an integrated response that defines the efforts for a betterment of Global Health. The guarantee of a healthy life and the promotion of universal welfare will be indicators of the triumph of the 2030 Agenda´s objectives.

Interventions in Global Health have tremendous relevance for the ODS3 objective regarding health and well-being, where the focus on equity and universal access to healthcare become aligned. Nonetheless, the aim is an integral vision of health, identifying and prioritizing interventions in Global Health that affect and are affected by many of the other areas of development tackled in the 2030 Agenda. Strategies to improve health require a programmatic integration with the activities of Water, Sanitizing and Hygiene (ODS6), as well as measures for Effective Global Alliances (ODS17). Health improvements can contribute as well to the objectives End to Poverty (ODS1) and to Zero Hunger (ODS2) and vice versa. They also promote Access to Education (ODS4), Employment and Economic Growth (ODS8), contribute to Inequality Reduction (ODS10). Big scale and community focused operations reinforce women empowering, fomenting Gender Equality (ODS5), and promoting Fair and Inclusive Societies (ODS16). Along with Clean Water and Sanitation, interventions to control arthropod-transmitted illnesses can contribute to and benefit from activities in favor of an Urban and Community salubrious Mobility (ODS11), the planet´s sustainability, and Resilience towards Climate Change (ODS13).

The least developed areas in terms of income, as well as people with limited access to healthcare, clean water, sanitation, education, housing transportation and communication are the ones that suffer illness the most. This number of the Seventeenth magazine will tackle the transversal contribution of Global Health Sustainable Development Objectives.

The following structure for the third number of Magazine Seventeen is proposed:

  • Presentation of number 3 regarding ODS and Global Health.  
  • Panorama: Introductory articles to the third number of ODS and Global Health.  
  • Articles: About 10 articles that Will verse on the transversal contribution of several ODS to ODS3 Health and Wellbeing.  
  • Notes and colaborations.

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