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Un experimento en la ciudad de Nueva York

Ana Berenguer

En Nueva York hay un millón de trabajadores que a pesar de tener trabajo viven con muchas dificultades. De todas las ideas consideradas en Estados Unidos para apoyar a los trabajadores más vulnerables la más innovadora es la renta básica.

Basic Income and Women. Incentives and Disincentives. Its Effects on Equality and on Social Roles

Carmen Carrero Domínguez y Marta Navas-Parejo Alonso

The purpose of this analysis is to try to prove how the Basic Income can be an effective instrument to propel and achieve gender equality and how it correlates with wages and employment.

From Minimum Income to Basic Income

Juan A. Gimeno

The objective of ensuring a decent quality of life for all citizens is sought through various programs of income guarantees or minimum income.

The implementation of a basic income in the Spanish social protection model: Social security system benefits and regional minimum income policies. Learning from the minimum income policy of the Region of Madrid

Susana Barcelón Cobedo y Ariadna Ayala Rubio

The debate about the possible introduction of a guaranteed basic income and the opportunity for it raises very different problems that go beyond the strictly financial ones, which, while being important, given the scarcity of public resources, are not the only ones to be addressed and, in no case, should they be exclusive.

A Critical Approach to Basic Income: Costs and Incentives. An Approximation to the Case of Spa

José María Casado y Miguel Sebastián

This paper estimates the costs of basic income and analyses its incentives to conclude that there is an inverse relationship between them.

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