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Green New Deal and Sustainable Finance in Europe

Ángel Berges y Emilio Ontiveros

The article emphasizes the need for the financial system to be aligned with the necessary transition towards a more sustainable economic model. While sustainability has different dimensions (including social and governance), we concentrate our efforts on climate change, as it has attracted the need for urgent actions by financial markets and institutions, on ground of financial stability.

The adaptation fund as an instrument of access to climate finance for local communities

Alicia Tortosa García

The Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Climate Change (IPCC) has shown that efforts towards mitigation are insufficient to stop this phenomenon. This occurs because experts have shown that many of its effects are already irreversible for many populations, so adaptation has become an essential action in strategies designed to face climate change. 


Miguel Pajares

The environmental disasters that generate the greatest number of displacements are those caused by humans: those caused by the extractive industry, agroindustry and factory farming, and those caused by climate change. The extractive and agro-livestock industry monopolizes huge areas of land and generates pollution that affects even larger areas, forcing many populations to abandon those territories. 

Do climate and air pollution influence the transmission and incidence of the new COVID-19 disease?

Cristina Linares Gil, Gerardo Sánchez-Martínez y Julio Díaz Jiménez

The COVID-19 pandemic and the mobility limitations imposed to try to contain its spread have led to a drastic decrease in emissions of air pollutants and CO2. For the former, the drop in the atmospheric concentrations of the main urban air pollutants leads to a decrease in mortality attributable to air pollution. This has not been the case in the case of CO2 emissions; though they have decreased by close to 8%, that is insufficient to show a measurable impact in the context of the climate crisis. On the other hand, social distancing measures can have counterproductive effects on other prevention systems related to health effects aggravated by climate change, such as in the case of heat waves.

SRI in Spain: drivers, trends and forecasts from Spainsif

Andrea González González, Verónica Sanz Izquierdo

In recent years, sustainable and responsible investment in Spain has grown not only in the quantity of assets managed under Environmental, Social and Governance criteria, but in the sophistication of the selection, integration and influence strategies applied. 

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