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José María Abellán Perpiñán / Fernando Ignacio Sánchez Martínez

The COVID-19 pandemic has once again put pressure on the Spanish public healthcare system, which has not yet recovered from the consequences of the 2008 crisis. In the background of the attention given to COVID, a long list of structural problems persists that have sadly become endemic. This article identifies
them, discusses them, and encourages their resolution.

COVID-19 and Health-SDGs: Three Opportunities for the Day After

Gonzalo Fanjul

As on some other occasions in our history, the collective shock of the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily opens the opportunity to question the status quo and promote transformations that make our societies more just, sustainable and secure. The possibility of identifying these opportunities and turning them into reforms that last over time depends on us. 

SDG3+: From The Concept “Health In All Policies” To Its Implementation In Spain

Oriana Ramírez-Rubio, José Miguel Carrasco, Raquel González-Rubio y Gonzalo Fanjul

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has a specific Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) related to health and well-being, SDG3, which aims to guarantee a healthy life and promote well-being for all. The approach ‘health in all policies’, proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO), urges to consider the impact of public policies on the health of the population, showing that other SDGs different to SDG3 are also related to it. Therefore, a broad and transversal approach to health is proposed within the 2030 Agenda, which we call SDG3+.