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Unemployment, precariousness, nutrition and health in a Spain in crisis

Noemí López-Ejeda, Antonio Vargas y María Dolores Marrodán

Unemployment and precariousness are one of the major determinants of poverty in Spain and have been aggravated by the economic crisis of the last decade. The lack of resources threatens the food security of families who are forced to adopt purchasing strategies that lead to a reduction in the consumption of fresh food and an increase in refined and ultraprocessed products.

What can Zero Hunger do for Global Health?

Estefanía Custodio Cerezales

The sustainable development goal#2 or “zero hunger” aims at ending hunger and malnutrition, and proposes five targets covering nutrition, food security, agriculture and biodiversity. Nutrition is a critical part of health, as malnutrition poses significant and direct threats to human health. Thus, tackling malnutrition can contribute to global health throughout many different pathways.